Depend Silhouette for Women Maximum Fitted Briefs, 12ct (Choose your Size), (Pack of 3)

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About this bundle

Feel secure all day with these Depend Silhouette for Incontinence Briefs For Women (Pack of 3). They feature worry-free odor protection and have the look, fit and feel of real underwear with a sleek, ultra-smooth fit. With a finished feminine elastic waistband, all-around leg elastics and cotton-like fabric, these maximum absorbent briefs offer protection from leaks. They come in small/medium and large/extra large sizes to suit your personal needs.

Depend Silhouette for Women Briefs:
  • Depends Fitted Briefs 28-40 inch waist
  • All-around leg elastics
  • Worry-free odor protection
  • Cotton-like fabric
  • Depend Fitted Briefs, 12ct, (Choose your Size)
  • Economical pack of 3