Danskin Now Core Strength Push Up Foam Sport Bra, 2-Pack

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About this bundle

The Danskin Now Core Strength Push Up Sport Bra (2-Pack) is a bra you can wear all through the day without having to continuously adjust it or worry about spilling out of it while bending over. The slight push up and underwire of this padded sport bra offers excellent support. Also, this push up sport bra has great moisture and sweat absorption and you will not feel all wet and itchy when in the middle of any physical activity. This contour padded bra keeps your breasts in place and offers all-day comfort. This is one sports bra which lends nice shape to the breasts and does not squish them. It can be worn during any physical activity like running or when working out in the gym. The Danskin Now Sport Bra can also be worn on a daily basis and makes a good everyday bra. The mesh material is a fine addition to the cup and it provides ultimate support. Danskin Now Core Strength Sport Bra:
  • Ideal for high impact activities such as jogging, kickboxing and aerobics
  • Back closure and adjustable straps
  • Contour padded foam underwire cups with added lift and support
  • Smooth outer fabric and breathable mesh panels for ultimate comfort