Baja Convert-a-Couch Sofa Bed with Recliner, Multiple Colors

Walmart #: 504RT6I78GVC

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About this bundle

Bring comfort to your home with this Baja Covert-a-Couch Sofa Bed and recliner combo. It features a 100-percent polyester microfiber couch that transform into a full-size bed with additional storage underneath the seat cushion, easy hinged seat operation and upholstered back and arms. The sofa bed with recliner combo includes a reclining chair that requires only four inches of wall clearance to operate and features high-density foam-filled cushions and a comfortable chaise pad for additional support. Baja Convert-a-Couch Sofa Bed with Recliner, Multiple Colors:

  • Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner
  • Baja Convert A Couch Sofa Bed
  • Your Choice of Color
  • Arrives in 2 boxes
  • See individual item for complete description
  • Furnish your home with a comfortable convertible couch bed
  • Full size pillow top bed
  • Steel frame construction
  • No need to rearrange furniture
  • 100% polyester microfiber is stain resistant
  • Extra storage space available underneath seat cushion
  • Hinge seat cushion for easy operation
  • Upholstered back and arms for center of the room placement