What types of wireless TV headphones are available?

While there's a wide variety of designs and styles available for wireless television headphones, most share one system in connecting wirelessly to your television set. This type of system has a headphone base station that connects to either the analog or the digital audio output of the TV set, and this base transmits sound to the receiver on the headphone. Other wireless headphones connect directly via Bluetooth to the TV set, but these types tend to be lacking in audio quality. The styles of headphones include in-ear earbuds and over-the-ear headphones.

What type of wireless TV headphone should I choose?

If sound quality is important for you, then choose a wireless type that has a base that connects via the digital output of the TV set. If instead you prefer a long transmission range, choose headphones that transmit via infrared or FM radio signals. In-ear headphones are lightweight and easy to wear, while traditional over-ear headphones provide more comfort and have noise-cancellation features.