Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones offer a great way to listen to your favorite audio free from wires. They're particularly useful for gaming, movies and TV shows, and phone and chat programs. Bluetooth headphones will connect to any device that has Bluetooth technology, including most computers, smartphones and tablets.

When shopping for wireless headphones, consider their range. The effective range of a pair of wireless headphones is how far they can be from the transmitter base and still get a signal. Infrared headphones have an average range of about 30 feet, while radio frequency headphones have a range of about 100-150 feet and will allow you to wander from one room to the next while using them. Consider how close you'll be to your device while listening to determine the range you need.

Other factors to consider include size, shape, weight, headpiece style, battery life and sound quality. Many listeners prefer the sound quality of wireless stereo headphones.

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