Wi-Fi Booster

A wi-fi booster is a device for improving your wi-fi signal. If your router is up-to-date and in a central location and you're still getting a weak signal, a wi-fi booster can be a good solution.

Devices for improving your wi-fi signal can be called "wi-fi boosters," "wi-fi signal extenders" or "wi-fi repeaters." Although there isn't a clearly defined difference between devices that bear these names, different wi-fi boosting devices do work in different ways. Generally, a wi-fi repeater or wi-fi range extender is a device for extending the range of your signal rather than improving its overall strength. A repeater rebroadcasts the signal from your router to create a second network. This can be especially helpful if you need connectivity far from your modem or if you have interference from heavy walls, a microwave oven or other environmental factors. However, a repeater won't strengthen an overall weak signal.

Devices called signal boosters usually amplify the signal from your router. They're good if you have an overall weak signal but won't help overcome interference or significantly extend your range.

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