Selecting a White Shower Curtain

White shower curtains look crisp and clean and bring out the vibrant colors in the bathroom. At Walmart, we offer different styles that make decorating your bathroom easy.

  • Fabric: White fabric shower curtains add a luxurious feel to the bathroom. If you select a fabric shower curtain, you ll also want to select a shower liner. A vinyl shower liner is a good choice to protect the floor from water.
  • Ruched: Ruching adds texture to the shower curtain, offering extra visual interest. White shower curtains with ruching offer a shabby chic appeal.
  • Monogram: Shower curtains that are monogrammed with a grey or black letter on a white background add a sense of refinement and are a great way to personalize the space. Consider pairing the shower curtain with monogrammed towels to polish the look off.
  • Images: White shower curtains that feature a black or gray image, such as a cityscape, tree or animal, create a focal point in the bathroom. Selecting an image found in nature adds a serene feel to the space.