What size space heater should I buy for my room?

Before buying a space heater, measure the room where you plan to use it. Narrow your search by selecting the size of the room you need to heat. Consider factors like the structure of the room. You may need a more powerful heater if the room has several windows, poor insulation or tall ceilings.

What type of fan will work best for my room?

Choose a fan based on the heating element it uses. As you browse Walmart's selection of space heaters, you can restrict your search to include only heaters with specific heating elements.

  • Ceramic heaters generate heat through wires that pass through ceramic plates.
  • Convection heaters have convection currents that heat up until the hot air rises through vents.
  • Fan heaters use electric elements and fans to heat the room. They heat up rooms quickly.
  • Infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation to produce heat. They work in any atmosphere.
  • Natural gas heaters are more affordable to operate than electric heaters, but they need plenty of ventilation.