Shoe Storage

When it comes to organizing your home, it's essential to buy storage solutions that add both style and functionality. If you have a large collection of shoes, you'll want to invest in a rack or compartment that fits in a designated space. When shopping, consider how much space you have, the type of shoes being stored and how many pairs there are.

Shoe racks are good options for foyers, entryways or mud rooms. They have as little as one and as many as five shelves to offer room for every member of the family. These racks also fit in at the bottom of the closet, keeping them within reach of the rest of your wardrobe so you can match to specific outfits.

If you're short on floor space, consider one of many over-the-door organizers. They come in several sizes and hold up to 30 pairs of sneakers, sandals and heels. Some have patterns to fit in with your current decor, while others have a clear acrylic design. Under-the-bed organizers have a narrow profile that lets them easily fit underneath your mattress frame. With dividers to keep pairs separate, it's easy to reach under when needed and grab the shoes you're looking for.

Storage bins for shoes come in several sizes. Some hold a single pair, while others have enough room for up to 20 or more. These fit in the top of a closet, on a shelf or stacked up in a hall closet.

If you're shopping for an organization solution for your shoes, check out Walmart's wide array of shoe storage choices for everyone in the family.