What are the available types of shoe racks?

We have an extensive selection of shoe shelves and standalone racks in various sizes and designs made of different materials. For the sizes of the racks, the number of tiers varies from two to as many as 10 tiers for 30 pairs of shoes. The designs also vary from tower shoe racks, two-tier classic wooden racks and compartment-style shoe shelves to shoe shelves with different compartments for different types of footwear. These offerings come in various materials including metal, wood, plastic, paperboard and polyester and in combinations of these different materials.

What type of shoe rack should I choose?

Among your first consideration should be the size and storage capacity of the shoe rack. Large-capacity shoe racks are ideal for larger families or those who have a considerable number of pairs of footwear. Make sure that you have a tier that accommodates both the length and width of some of your footwear. The design and material are matters of taste. Choose the one that suits your stylistic preference best.