Tips for Choosing a Husband Pillow

Regardless of whether you can spare a few minutes reading in bed or can spend hours relishing a good book, a husband pillow goes a long way in making your reading time more comfortable. Rather than feeling pain and stiffness after your reading session, here are some considerations for finding the right reading pillow.

  • Size: Choose a size that supports your entire back right up to your shoulder blades. Anything shorter or longer will not be as comfortable.
  • Filling: Down feathers give you the feeling of being cradled and are generally more plush and comfy. Polyester fiber filling can give you good support but isn't as durable, and memory foam is not as plush as pillow filling but is sturdy.
  • Cover: This is a matter of preference and your choices may include cotton, suede and velvet.
  • Features: Some husband pillows are longer and larger or shorter and feature smaller armrests. Headrests are also available in some of these offerings.