A pendant is a popular style of jewelry consisting of a single decoration that's usually suspended from a chain and worn as a necklace. There are many styles of pendants for men, women and children, and they make wonderful gifts for many occasions.

Popular pendant designs for women and girls include hearts, angels, flowers and animals. Skull pendants are especially popular with men, and children often like pendants with their favorite characters from movies, cartoons and comic books. Pendants with religious themes, including crosses, are widely available for adults and children alike. A locket is a special type of pendant with an ornament that opens with a small hinge, allowing you to enclose a picture of a loved one. Lockets tend to be worn by women and girls and make wonderful keepsakes.

When shopping for a pendant, consider the material it's made of as well the design. Walmart carries pendants in a variety of metals, including yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and brass. Many pendants also include diamonds or other gemstones. You should also check whether the pendant comes with a chain. If you buy a chain separately, be sure that it matches the metal of the pendant and is the right size to fit through the loop.

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