HDMI Cables

HDMI (high-dimension multimedia interface) cables transmit high-resolution audio and high-definition video from multimedia devices to TVs, projectors and more. They offer two-way communications, auto-play and auto-configuration and are the only media cables that can transmit 3D images.

Before buying an HDMI cable, figure out what length you need by measuring the distance from your device's connection to your TV or projector's connection. Note that picture quality can be affected at lengths longer than 10 yards and may go out completely at very long distances.

Next, consider what shape cable is best for you. Flat cables can be used in tight spaces or behind furniture. Mini HDMI cables can be used with mini HDMI ports, which have a smaller connector, and can transmit from portable devices. Wall-mount kits with HDMI cables connect to wall-mounted TVs. Finally, in-wall installations have all connections enclosed behind the wall itself.

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