Home Security Camera Systems

Home surveillance cameras can provide a sense of security by monitoring your property while you're away.

One of the most important features to consider while shopping is easy access to your security camera footage. WiFi security cameras allow you to check in via the internet or downloadable app and some even include motion activation email alerts that keep you posted about any activity on your property.

Next, consider the size and visibility of the camera. Very obvious security cameras may scare off potential threats but can also be an eye sore. Look for a discreet, attractive camera that blends nicely with your decor.

Security cameras store footage with memory cards, hard drives or through the Cloud. Storing footage on a memory card is affordable but you have to remember to regularly change or wipe the card. Hard drive storage methods are usually more expensive but they can store large amounts of data that can be managed just like DVR for a television. The Cloud can provide multiple terabytes of storage but it's only available through a monthly subscription.

Even though high resolution video takes up a significant amount of storage space it has benefits when it comes to surveillance. Now, most security cameras range from 720p to 1080p resolution. The higher the megapixel ratio the better you will be able to see clearly and zoom-in on recorded footage.

Other additional features to look for in a security camera are night vision, two-way audio and motion sensor activation.

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