Hat Stands

A hat stand is a helpful accessory for many homes, offering storage and organization for your family's headwear. Walmart has many models and designs to choose from, making it easy to find one that coordinates with your decor and furnishings and that accommodates your collection of baseball caps, knit hats and more.

If you have the floor space, consider a free-standing hat stand that can be placed anywhere. These come in a range of designs, from modern and contemporary to classic and timeless. Some are made with solid wood for a natural appearance, and others are constructed of metal for a sleek and shiny look. Models with both curled and straight hooks are also available, and others are made in the style of a tree to add a unique bit of visual appeal to your space.

You may need to store more than hats, and some hat stands also have room for coats and handbags or baskets for umbrellas. For those with a large baseball cap collection, there are hanging clips designed specifically for organization and storage of these popular hats.

Consider an option for conserving floor space by installing a wall-mounted hat stand. Place it near the door, making it convenient and easy to hang your hat right when you come home or retrieve it when you're on the way out.

Some hat stands and racks may require some simple assembly, while others come in one solid piece. Look for those available in your local Walmart store for the convenient Pick Up Today option.