Gray Curtains

Gray curtains are a gorgeous decor choice that complements and blends well with most room color and design themes. However, there are a few considerations when purchasing curtains in this hue.

Pattern: The patterns on the curtain affect the look of your room. Choose a pattern that goes well with the overall look that you want--stripes go well with floral patterns for example. Or opt for plain curtains with solid color if you are unsure of the effect patterns will have on the look of the room. If your walls are gray, curtains in the same shade can give the appearance of a larger space.

Lighting: Consider how much light you want to pass through the curtains and into the room. Heavier fabrics like raw silk and even velvet are effective in blocking out light, while sheers give you more illumination. The weight of the fabric also dictates the level of privacy the curtains give you.

Size: Measure the height from rod to floor, factoring in the amount of space that you want between the floor and the curtain. For a draped effect, choose a width three times the size of the window, or go two times wider for a voluminous look.