Floral Bedding Buying Tips

Once you've decided on a floral bedding pattern, there are a few matters that you need to consider before making the purchase.

  • Examine the floral patterns on the bedding and visualize how they look on your bed. Check if the size of the patterns is too large or small or just the right size.
  • Even if the pattern is the right size, consider the color of the bedding. Choose a color that also goes well with the overall look and theme of your room.
  • Although you may already have a preferred material for your bedding, consider the advantages of each available offering. Pima cotton is a more affordable than 100 percent cotton. Linen works well during the warm months. Poly-blend sheets are hypo-allergenic, resistant to wrinkles, less expensive and easier to wash.
  • Choosing the right fit doesn't only mean choosing the right-sized sheet for your bed, but also making adjustments for thicker mattresses and pillow tops.