Why should I choose an electric heater?

Using an electric heater in a small room is a great way to generate some extra heat during cold weather. Plugging in your electric heater to keep under your desk is a good way to keep your feet warm. After working in the snow, an electric heater can warm you up faster than the furnace can because it directs concentrated heat where you need it.

What are some safety features of electric heaters?

Because they can get very hot, some electric heaters have an automatic shutoff feature in case you fall asleep with yours on or accidentally leave it on while you're out of the house. Tower electric heaters may have a topple-proof feature to resist tipping over.

Can kids hurt themselves with electric heaters?

When using an electric heater, always supervise young children. Sometimes, the parts get very hot. Block off access for your pets in case they get curious, and don't leave the heater on near furniture.