Digital Thermostats

Unlock your home's energy-saving potential by selecting a type of digital thermostat that meets your every need.

  • Line Voltage or Low Voltage: Low voltage thermostats are used in central heating systems, or those operated by furnaces, air conditioning, heat pumps or boilers. A line voltage thermostat is typically used for radiant, convection or resistance heaters.
  • Programmable or Non-Programmable: A programmable digital thermostat can automate day and night temperature changes to maximize energy savings. Non-programmable digital thermostats require you to make each temperature change.
  • Smart or Learning Thermostats: A step more advanced than traditional programmable thermostats, smart thermostats offer web-based or app-based control of your home's heating and cooling systems. A learning thermostat can make or suggest temperature changes based on your schedule or the current temperature and humidity in your home.

A digital thermostat can help you save money on heating and cooling bills and simplify the process of creating a welcoming environment in your home.