How do pick a cologne online?

Purchasing a cologne online can be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with its scent. One workaround lessens the risk of buying cologne online that you may not like. First, think of any cologne that you are familiar with and like. Since cologne manufacturers are specific when describing their colognes, search for the description of the colognes you usually wear. Manufacturers use notes when describing their scents, such as fruity, woody, floral and spicy, which they then categorize as being top, medium and base. Read the description of colognes that you are considering, and choose one that has similar notes with one you already like.

How do I wear the cologne?

Stock up on separate colognes for your everyday use and for formal, nighttime occasions. Colognes for everyday use should have a light and pleasant scent, while nighttime scents are ideally stronger but not overpowering.