Factors to Consider When Buying a Clothes Drying Rack

Types of Clothes Drying Racks Clothes drying racks come in many forms, including these options:

  • Accordion drying racks collapse when they aren't in use and fold out to create a multi-tiered set of rods for hanging clothing and linens
  • Gullwing drying racks fold out to create flat surfaces for dry-flat items, and they also typically have multiple rows of wires and rods where you can drape wet items
  • Hanging drying racks have multiple clips for hanging small items and a top hook for suspending the drying rack itself
  • Tripod drying racks are freestanding and fold out to create space for hangers
  • Stackable drying racks sit on a flat surface such as the top of a washing machine, creating multiple levels of flat space

What Kind of Drying Rack Is Best? Choose the drying rack you need based on your laundry situation:

  • Accordion and gullwing racks are best for high-volume air drying needs
  • Hanging and stackable drying racks are best when you only occasionally need to air dry garments