Whether you're a book lover or an occasional reader, quality bookshelves are very useful items. In addition to books, they can store magazines, photos, collectibles and more.

Before shopping for bookshelves, measure the space you have to put them in and assess the sizes of the books and other items you intend to store on them. Pay special attention to any unusually large books you own. This will help you determine the height, width and depth of the shelves you need.

Bookshelves with doors can be ideal if you prefer to have some books and other items hidden from view. Bookshelves with glass-inset doors are good for displaying precious objects while protecting them from dust. But keep in mind that open bookshelf designs will allow some books to jut out more than others.

Stackable foldable bookshelves have hinges that allow sections you're not using to fold away, making them a great choice if space is at a premium. They can also stack on top of one another and fasten securely in line, allowing you to create unique layouts with exactly the heights and widths you need.

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