Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Blood Glucose Monitor

Managing your blood sugar is critical when you have diabetes. Blood glucose meters are smaller, faster and have more features than ever before. So, how do you choose the best glucose meter for you? While all glucose meters are similar, some have features that better meet your needs than others:

  • Automated Coding: Blood glucose meters need to be calibrated for each batch of test strips. Miscoding the meter can result in miscalculations. Selecting a meter that automatically codes the test strips lessens this risk.
  • Data Storage: A large data storage capacity makes it more convenient for you to track your readings over a longer period of time.
  • Test Time: Longer testing times can be inconvenient for people who test their glucose several times a day.
  • Unit Size: Are you always on the go? If so, a compact meter may be more convenient.
  • Blood Sample Size: If you re sensitive to lancing, a meter that requires less than one microliter of blood is optimal.