Friendship Necklaces

There are few things as special and important to you as your best friend, whether you're 10 years old or 50. We have a beautiful range of friendship necklaces crafted in fine precious metals that let those dear friends know just what they mean to you.

  • Break-apart Necklaces: Share the love with a break-apart friendship necklace that both of you or even all three of you can wear at the same time. These hearts are made to be broken, so the pieces can be worn by each of you on a separate chain.
  • Individual Hearts: The most popular friendship jewelry is the heart necklace. Made from sterling silver or fine gold, these necklaces are perfect for mature friendships that have lasted through the test of time. Choose a simple, classic heart or pick a modern design for trendy friends and family members you call your best friends.

Walmart's Every Day Low Prices extend to special best friend jewelry so you can take your time and pick the most suitable piece to represent your friendship.