A bracelet can add pizzazz to any outfit. As you shop for bracelets, think about your personal style and the types of bracelets that suit you best. Bracelets with studs, spikes and black bands can create a spunky look, while those with diamonds, charms and beads can lend an elegant or professional touch.

Popular types of bracelets include charm bracelets, engraved bracelets, stretch bracelets, magnetic bracelets and bangle bracelets. A charm bracelet starts as a simple chain, and dangling charms are added to individual links. Charms are often symbolic or have a theme. Engraved bracelets are usually made from gold, silver or another metal and are engraved with a phrase, word, name or symbol. Stretch bracelets stretch over your hand and wrist to fit a wide range of sizes. Magnetic bracelets have magnetic clasps, making it easy to take them on and off. Bangle bracelets are rigid rings that slip over your wrists and are often worn in multiples. You'll also find beaded bracelets, diamond bracelets and pearl bracelets, among others.