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Tips for Buying PS3 Games

Check out Walmart's selection of PS3 games to find a new title to try or replace a worn out favorite. With convenient shipping and Every Day Low Prices, you can build an impressive library of video games.

Search by Genre: One way to explore our selection of PS3 games is to search by genre. If you like virtual football games, check out other games available in the Sports & Racing section. Check out the Fighting & Shooting genre if you enjoy games like Call of Duty. Look for games in the LEGO series or Little Big Planet if you want to buy games the whole family can enjoy.

Search by ESRB Rating: If you're unsure whether a game is appropriate, you can follow ESRB ratings displayed on the front of the game. Narrow your search to games suitable for everyone in the family or select "mature" to see only titles with content intended for adults.