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Travel-size makeup

Pack your travel-size makeup whenever you're traveling to look your best. Select makeup to match your needs, take a travel mirror, and pack everything in a travel makeup bag.

  • Eyes: To save space without having to pack all your eye shadow shades, choose a palette. Ensure there are enough shades to switch from gentle daytime makeup to a striking evening look. When planning on doing water activities, choose a waterproof mascara.
  • Mirror: Apply your makeup using a shatterproof compact mirror. The small design means it's highly portable. Choose one with two sides for different magnifications or one that includes a folding hairbrush.
  • Makeup bag: A soft-sided makeup bag with a zipper provides ample space to take your favorite makeup pieces with you when traveling. When going on a long trip, choose a hard-sided makeup bag with internal compartments to protect the contents inside when traveling.