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Telescopes help adults and kids explore the skies and learn about astronomy. Look for the aperture diameter of the telescope and choose a model with a larger aperture for the best viewing experiences.

Types of telescopes: There are three basic types of telescopes. Each type uses different optics to make faraway objects look larger.

  • Refractive telescopes have lenses at the front of the telescopes.
  • Reflective telescopes use mirrors at the rear of the devices to collect light.
  • Compound telescopes use a combination of reflective and refractive optics.
Many telescopes have two or more eyepieces you can switch for more or less magnification.

Telescope mounts: To get a clear view of planets and stars, you need a sturdy telescope mount. Mounts can move in several directions, or they can track star motion if they're equatorial mounts that are aligned with the North Star.

Order books and other media about stars and celestial objects. These help you identify objects you see through your telescope when looking at the night sky.