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Place mats

Whether they're for special occasions or everyday use, at Walmart you'll find a wide assortment of place mats to choose from, including various fabrics and styles. But before you go out and start filling your cart up, here a few quick tips so you can find the right set of place mats for your home.

Find an appropriate fabric

Place mats exist for a reason. Mainly, they prevent food from falling onto the table and potentially damaging it. While you can opt to choose a larger place mat to reduce the potential for damage, quality choices like wooden placements or plastic mats already do this particularly well because of their build quality. But place mats such as these don't always make for the most flattering choice, which is why some may prefer more lightweight options like polyester or cotton for their placemats. If you'd like your place mat to come with embellishments specifics to your interests or the time of the year, consider picking up one of the many lightweight place mat options at Walmart.

Decide between color or print

With so many colors and prints to choose from, settling on one table mat style can be difficult. The trick to finding the right one for your home is to figure out if you want the table mat to coordinate with the rest of your current dining room set up, or if you want it to contrast and stand out. Whatever print or color you decide on should in some way complement the tableware. Whether that is slightly or completely is a matter of preference, but keeping the colors and prints to a minimum will not only allow for a polished appearance, it will also make organizing and coordinating easier.