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Swim and Aquafitness

Whether you're into swimming, snorkeling, surfing, water polo or another water sport, you know how important it is to have the right gear. Fortunately, Walmart has you covered, with Every Day Low Prices on all sorts of swim and aquatic fitness equipment.

Swimming goggles are essential for swimming and many other water activities. They have a seal made from silicone, foam or a hard rubber, which helps prevent water from seeping in. Mirror lenses offer UV protection for swimmers who spend a lot of time outdoors.

For snorkeling, you'll need a snorkeling mask, a snorkel and fins. A snorkeling mask makes an airtight seal around your nose, forehead and the size of your face to let you see and breathe comfortably under water using a snorkel. A snorkel consists of a solid or flexible tube with a mouthpiece and can also include a purge valve and a dry valve or splash guard. Fins let you swim with extra speed and efficiency and protect your feet from rocks and coral.

Surfboards come in several varieties, including shortboards, longboards, fish and gun. You'll also find stand up paddle boards, which are for standing on and paddling rather than lying down on to catch a wave.

At Walmart, you'll find a great selection on swim and aquafitness gear, so you can have fun in the water for less. Save money. Live better.