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Sports Medicine

Regular physical fitness can help improve the quality of your life, but once in a while, you may run into some sports- and exercise-related injuries. Having the right tools and equipment can help with the treatment and prevention of future injuries, whether it's Kinesiology tape or excercise foam rollers. When an injury tries to slow you down, you can find everything you need to get back to tip-top shape for less on

What are some popular items for healing and recovery?

  • Sports braces and supports: Wraps and supports help to prevent injury and also provide added support for previous injuries. They're available in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the most common are for your wrist, ankle and knees.
  • Athletic tape: Also known as strapping tape or trainer’s tape, it can be used to keep a stable position of bones or muscles during athletic activity. This can help reduce pain from muscle strains and can help aid in recovery of strains or injuries.
  • Kinesiology tape: Commonly known as kinesio tape or KT tape, this elastic tape works to decompress muscles and increase blood flow for high stress areas.
  • Massagers: Massagers, foam rollers and massage balls are a quick and easy way to massage your tired, achy body after a good workout. Slowly work them into the affected area, and you can soon have relief from stretching your muscles and restoring flexibility where fibers have tightened.
  • Cooling pads: Cooling pads are gel packs that can easily be thrown into your freezer and applied to aching parts of your body. They're great for helping to reduce swelling from injuries, muscle spasms and minor burns.
  • Compression sleeves: Compression sleeves can be worn to help your muscles recover from strenuous athletic activity. It can help your blood to flow and circulate through your body quicker, speeding up your recovery time.
  • Whether it's fast relief or promoting long-term wellness, Walmart's got you covered on an affordable range of sports medicine items so you can save money and live better.