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From weekend beer leagues to national collegiate teams, make the most of the softball experience with Walmart's wide selection of softballs, all at Every Day Low Prices. Here is a quick, easy guideline so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Choosing a ball

Most softballs are between 11 and 12 inches in circumference and are typically yellow. Regulation softballs, on the other hand, must be a specific size and weight for use in any sanctioned league play from Little League all the way up to the Big Leagues. But if you feel like going completely left field and trying a softball color that isn't yellow, there also plenty of colored and printed balls to choose from for when you have a special activity planned and need something that has a little bit of flavor and personality.

Softball accessories

Bats and gloves make a great addition and can be useful if you plan on playing organized, full-length games. For bats, metal and wood are the two most frequently used materials. Some may prefer the classic look and feel of a wooden bat, but if you're after a sturdier build and added features like a rubber grip on the handle, then an aluminum bat could be the way to go. To get the right size bat, measure from the center of chest to the tip on the index finger of one hand. By contrast, choosing the right glove comes down to the position you play on the field and what your dominant hand is. Walmart also carries an assortment of softball products to help improve your skill, ranging from training softballs to softball buckets.