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Are recurve bows for hunting and target shooting the same?

Any recurve bow can be used for target shooting. However, you'll need a specialized recurve bow for hunting. Recurve bows used for hunting need to be much more powerful than bows for target shooting because they need to pierce a thicker target. To ensure your recurve bow is capable of deer hunting, choose a bow with a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds or 30 pounds for small animals, such as duck and rabbit.

How long should a recurve bow be?

Choose a recurve bow that is at least twice as long as your draw length. Generally speaking, the longer the bow is, the more accurate it will be. To find your draw length, face a wall sideways and extend your arm straight out, parallel to the floor making a fist. Your draw weight is the measurement of the distance between the top of your fist and the corner of your mouth.

What is a takedown recurve bow?

This type of bow can be taken down into three parts when unstrung to allow for easy portability. These are traditionally used in competition shooting and for long-distance hunting trips.