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Cards and Casino Games

You don't have to head to the local casino to play some of your favorite games like poker, blackjack and roulette. offers an assortment of game tables, playing cards, chips, dice and more, so you can enjoy game night with friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

If you've played a lot of cards, you know how important the surface of the playing table is. If the surface is too smooth, cards can easily fly off the table. If it's too rough, cards can become damaged and flip over unintentionally while being dealt. That's why most poker tables are topped with felt, a tactile surface that's perfect for manipulating cards.

What do I need to play poker?

A game table, preferably one with rails and a felt surface, is ideal for playing poker. You'll need a set of playing cards and a set of chips. Poker chip sets with 300 chips can supply up to six players, while you should consider a set with 500 chips or more for larger groups. If you don't have a dedicated dealer, look for poker sets with an included dealer button so everyone can keep track of their position at the table. Position matters in popular poker variants like Texas hold 'em; you can also keep track with big blind and little blind buttons. If you're rotating dealers and some players have trouble shuffling cards by hand, invest in an automatic card shuffler.

Felt tables can be used with card games other than poker, like blackjack, and they can also be used for dice games. Look for roulette wheels if you want to play the classic casino game.