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Ozark Trail tents

Ozark Trail tents will help you rough it in style. These tents come in all sizes, so you can select one that's small enough for one or two people or big enough to sleep 12 people or more.

These tents have user-friendly designs that allow you to assemble them in minutes. Forget about fumbling with lines, poles, and stakes with an Ozark Trail tent. Instead, unfold the tent, and the pre-attached poles are ready to be extended and positioned. Many tents have multiple rooms, so you'll enjoy separate sleeping and living areas. Shape options are also available with dome and A-frame tents for the smaller units and square and massive cabin tents for the larger ones. Don't worry about leaks with these tents, either, thanks to the factory-sealed seams. Those looking for full camping kits will love the tents that also include chairs and sleeping pads.