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Lawn Games

Lawn games are a great way to connect with friends and family and spend quality time outdoors. Whether you're looking for a way to have some fun at the park, at the beach, or trying to spice up a party you'll be hosting at home, you'll find a variety of lawn games at

Many classic lawn games are fun for kids and adults alike. Games like cornhole, horseshoes and bean bag toss offer fun, relaxed ways to work on your aim and coordination. Playground balls can be used for dodgeball as well as other games and are also great for just tossing around with a friend or family. Flying discs can be enjoyed both casually and competitively, while Spikeball is a popular new game,you can also enjoy more traditional games like badminton or bocce ball on your lawn.

When buying a badminton set, be sure to get the right rackets for the people who will be playing. Children's badminton rackets are smaller and easier for little hands to grip. Badminton rackets have grip sizes ranging from G2 (the smallest) to G5 (the largest). They also have weight ratings ranging from 1U (the heaviest rating) to 4U (the lightest). A heavier racket provides more power but can make hitting the birdie slower.

When buying a bocce set, consider the number of players. A set with four balls allows two people to play, while eight-ball sets accommodate more players. Consider the pallina size as well: a larger pallina ensures visibility in high grass, while a smaller pallina encourages more skillful and riskier throws.

For more outdoor fun, consider tailgate games like beer pong tables and laderballs for the next pregame party.