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Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape (KT tape) is used for many purposes including injury recovery, pain management, and muscle support. The tape sticks to your body with a peel-off backing adhesive. Using kinesiology tape is a therapeutic way to soothe sore muscles and injuries. The tape applies easily, stays on, and peels off when you're done.

KT tape: The tape comes in premeasured strips or in bulk that needs cutting. Choose from flesh tone, black, and an assortment of bold-colored tape.

Spatting tape: Spatting tape is strapping tape to hold cleats in place or to cover a split in a shoe. You can also secure pads and shin guards with the tape.

Knee support: Precut knee-support strips attach across the knee. Some have holes in the middle to fit comfortably over your kneecap while providing support.