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Lures, Baits and Attractants

If you're not using live bait or cut bait, you'll want to use artificial bait or lures. Most artificial lures resemble the type of bait fish or other food, such as worms or shrimp, that the fish you're trying to catch normally eat. These artificial baits can be scented and have metal spoons attached to them or be painted in metal flake to reflect light in the water. Other types of bait include jigs and jig heads, spoons, flies and spinnerbaits, which you can attach artificial or real bait to, and attractants to make artificial lures smell lifelike.

What do I need to attract fish to my line?

  • Hard and soft baits: Hard baits work well when fish are active and are willing to chase something down, while soft baits have more action with less movement and look like an easy meal.
  • Jigs and flies: A fishing jig is a hook that can be dressed in any way to attract different types of fish. They're often made with hair additions, silicone parts and plastic pieces. Similar to a jig, flies are used to imitate flies and other insects, which are a major part of many fish species' diet.
  • Spoons and spinners: Spoons are oblong metal pieces used to reflect light to attract fish. Spinnerbaits work in a similar way to spoons, mimicking the flash and vibration of small fish or other prey.
  • Attractants: From spray bottles and squeeze tubes to jars and jellies, you'll be able to find a wide variety of attractants to catch more fish. In addition to luring in fish, attractants can also mask the negative smells and tastes from your lures.

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