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Compression sleeves

Improve your performance using compression sleeves to increase your blood flow, decrease muscular vibration and stabilize your muscles during your sports activity. Choose the sleeves you need and the correct design for maximum benefit.

Types: Support your knees with knee compression sleeves when doing high-impact sports, such as running, to prevent the formation of meniscus tears and arthritis. Minimize soreness and fatigue in your arm muscles using arm compression sleeves when training outdoors. Support your wrists during a workout or relieve existing wrist pain using wrist compression sleeves. Your ankles stay supported and comfortable with ankle compression sleeves, allowing you to be active even with swollen feet or arthritic joints.

Design: Choose an ergonomic design that allows you to move correctly without restriction. Be sure to use the correct size for a comfortable fit with flexibility. Loose sleeves won't provide the compression you need and tight ones are uncomfortable. Sleeves with UV protection are ideal for training outdoors.