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Why should I buy an outdoor canister stove?

Canister stoves screw onto the threaded tops of closed fuel canisters. The stoves weigh a few ounces and fold up compactly. They're quick to light, with no priming required. The flame adjusts easily and simmers well. The canister self-seals when you unscrew the stove so there s no worry about spills and leaks. In addition, canister stoves are usable in some international destinations.

What are the advantages of liquid-fuel stoves?

Liquid-fuel stoves run on white gas. The stoves run well in below-freezing temperatures and high elevations. They have a low profile and offer stability on uneven ground. It's easy to tell how much fuel you have left.

Why should I choose an alternate-fuel stove?

These stoves include wood-burning stoves, denatured alcohol stoves and solid-fuel tablet stoves. They are good for long-distance backpacking and home emergency kits.