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Blender & shakers

Blenders and shakers mix your favorite smoothies and juices quickly. Take them with you on-the-go to stay hydrated.

Shaker bottles: Shaker bottles with whisk balls blend protein powders, supplements, and mixtures with a few shakes. Handy spouts are easy for sipping, so you can mix and go.

Stick blenders: Use stick blenders to grind up concoctions like soup and thick shakes. Battery-operated hand blenders are convenient to use without the need for electricity, so you can mix your favorite beverage at the gym or at the office.

Water bottles: Water bottles are reusable, so refill as needed to quench your thirst. Squeeze bottles squirt water out quickly, while snap tops prevent spillage.

Shaker and water bottles are useful with sports and exercise, but also for everyday hydration. Keep them with you on the ballfield, at games, and on your desk.