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Baseball nets, screens, & rebounders

Improve your game by practicing hitting, pitching, and throwing with baseball nets, screens, and rebounders. Choose the training tool that's best for you according to the skill you're polishing, the equipment's dimensions, its stability, and its portability.

Baseball nets are for practicing hitting, pitching, and throwing. They're constructed in layers, each of which is called a ply. The higher the ply, the more durable the net and the longer it can stand up to heavy use. Knotless nets are also more durable than knotted nets, but the latter are easier to repair. Steel frames are heavier and sturdier, so they're less likely to fall down from a fastball, and polycarbonate frames are tough, can take a lot of impact, and are rustproof. Choose the largest size that'll fit in your practice space so that you have more square footage to practice on and less chance of errant balls flying out of your yard. Baseball/softball nets with stakes are even more likely to stay in place.

Baseball screens protect you and other players as your practice pitching and catching. L-shaped screens allow you to pitch the ball behind the screen but stay protected as it's batted back to you. Baseball/softball screens are portable so they can move wherever you need them, and those with wheels are the easiest to move. I-shaped screens are versatile; they protect pitchers as well as fielders and coaches from oncoming balls. Choose a screen with a carrying case for easy toting on and off the field.

Baseball rebounders are also called pitch backs and they do just that—pitch or rebound the baseball back to you so you can practice catching, throwing, and improving your agility and reflexes. Choose between a stationary screen or an adjustable screen. Stationary screens let you practice two pitching or rebounding angles at a time. Adjustable baseball/softball rebounders let you simulate pop-flies and line drives or adjust the angles so you can practice multiple pitching directions.