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Whether you're shooting target archery or bowhunting, you can find a wide variety of bows from brands like Bear Archery, Centerpoint and Barnett at Walmart so you can Save Money. Live Better.

Types of bows

There are four kinds of archery bows: recurve, compound, traditional and crossbows. Recurve bows have limbs that curve toward the archer and tips that curve away to give the bow more power with less strength. Recurve bows are great for beginners since they require less arm strength. Compound bows have an intricate system of cables and pulleys that give archers time to aim a bow without causing muscle strain. Because compound bows require more strength to initially draw the bow, they're best suited for intermediate to advanced archers. Traditional, also known as longbows, are the simplest bows that consist only of a curved piece of wood and a string. They do not have arrow rests or sights, and don't have nearly the same velocity as a compound or recurve bow. Crossbows differ from the other types of bows as they are held horizontally instead of vertically. The string is drawn by a crank mechanism and is held in place until the archer fires. These types of bows are most commonly used for target archery.

Essential gear

Other than a bow, you're going to need a few arrows to practice archery. Arrows can be made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon or composite materials. Choosing a type of arrow largely depends on your style of archery. Wooden arrows are inexpensive but can be prone to breaking easily. Fiberglass and aluminum arrows are a great choice for youth and beginner archers as they're affordable and available in a variety of lengths. Carbon arrows are favored by hunters and compound-bow archers because they can fly straight and are durable, while composite arrows are mostly used by competitive archers because they're made for long-distance accuracy.

In addition to arrows, you may want to consider getting an armguard to protect your forearm, as well as bow cases and quivers to hold your bow and arrows.