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Bubble and stretch wrap

Protect your items from damage during transportation as you wrap them in bubble wrap. Ensure your items are kept securely in place when shipped together using stretch wrap. Consider the different varieties and qualities of each to provide the best protection for your items.

Bubble wrap: Choose between small, medium or large bubbles. The heavier the item to be wrapped, the larger the bubble you'll need. Decide whether you need a width of 12 or 24 inches to wrap your items.

Stretch wrap: Transparent stretch wrap lets you clearly see what's wrapped, while opaque stretch wrap conceals the contents and provides protection, such as against UV rays. The thicker the stretch wrap, the more resistant it is to tears. Cast stretch wrap unwinds quietly, and both sides cling, providing a tighter wrap. Blown stretch wrap is more resilient and offers a higher stretch capacity.

Shrink wrap: Not to be confused with stretch wrap, you apply heat to shrink wrap to seal it tightly around your items. Slip your items into shrink wrap bags, and seal the open side before heating.