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Coasters provide a foundation for your beverage and protect the surface of your table by preventing ring stains, abrasions and spills. They're also available in a variety of shapes, materials and designs to add a stylish accent to your space. Whether you're just looking to minimize cleanup time after serving drinks or you're an avid tegestologist (that's a collector of coasters), you'll find a large selection of coaster sets at to suit your needs.

First, you should consider what kinds of drinks you'll be serving before selecting a proper material for your coasters. Wood coasters are a handsome and versatile choice, and are suitable for beer, soda and other beverages. They also tend to be highly absorbent, especially if they're made of cork, so they can soak up the condensation that causes unsightly ring stains. Porcelain and stoneware coasters are an elegant alternative, and they pair nicely with tea cups to add a pleasant accent to your tea ritual. But if you're going to be serving kids or guests who are hard on drinkware, consider a set of stainless steel or plastic coasters; they're built to survive a tumble and you won't have to worry about your new pieces breaking at the first party.

Coasters are also available with a variety of designs to help set the mood. Some have inspirational messages like "Pay it forward" or religious inscriptions, while others have colorful floral patterns for a rustic vibe. Most coaster sets include a coaster holder that keeps the coasters efficiently organized.