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Is dog feces dangerous?

Dog feces is a health hazard. It has germs that cause digestive problems in humans, and is toxic to many types of lawn turf. Make sure to dispose of it quickly with the help of a biodegradable bag, and wash your hands after.

How do I clean up dog feces?

If you're out on a walk, use the glove method. Wear a disposal bag like a glove and then grab the feces with your bagged hand. Roll the bag down your wrist with your other hand, tie it up and you're done. Use a rake or scoop if you're cleaning out the lawn. It's more efficient and is a less hands-on approach.

How do I go green while scooping dog waste?

Go for disposable dog waste bags that are made with a high percentage of cornstarch. These alternative materials break down faster than plastics, creating less permanent waste in the environment.