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Trimmers and clippers

This section includes a wide variety of motorized trimmers and clippers for hair on multiple different parts of your body. From small, delicate facial hair trimmers aimed at women to large, heavy-duty clippers designed to shave hair on top of the head, you can find exactly what you need for any hair grooming job.

Features to look for in a trimmer or clipper

Shopping for a trimmer requires paying attention to certain features and details. The more precise you are about finding a model that matches with your requirements in these areas, the happier you’re likely to be with your purchase.

Stated function: While it's always possible to enlist trimmers and clippers for safe, off-label functions, the stated function of the clipper you choose gives good insight into its size and power. Clippers intended to shave the head are likely larger and more powerful than beard trimmers, for example, because the hair on the head is denser than facial hair and covers a larger area. This means that using a beard trimmer to shave someone's head would likely take longer and require more passes, while using full-sized clippers on a beard may lead to uncontrolled cuts.

Head size: The size of the trimmer head factors into control as well, and this correlates to the product's stated function. If the trimmer you’re considering doesn’t have a stated function, look for dimensions describing how wide the blades are and compare these to a model that does describe itself as built for a specific purpose.

Power settings: Some of the products in this section have adjustable power settings to control how fast the blades move. Lower settings can be preferable for delicate hair or slight trims, while higher settings help the tool power through thick, coarse hair in wide swathes. If you're planning to use trimmers or clippers for only one purpose, you may not need this adjustable power setting feature, but if you're planning to complete multiple different grooming tasks, prioritize this feature.

Power source: Some source of electricity is necessary to power products in this category. Some have plug-in cords, but many use either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Cords can impede dexterity, but they do allow for the longest period of use and may be preferable if you're using clippers for long sessions or multiple times throughout the day. Rechargeable battery options are appealing if you use clippers for short sessions on a regular basis, while disposable battery options are suitable only if you plan on very infrequent use. Models powered by disposable batteries can also be a good travel-ready option for vacations with minimal baggage.

Handle size and grip: It’s important to have a firm grasp on a clipper to maintain precise control while you're using it, so handle size and grip assistance can be important points to consider before buying. Trimmers and clippers that have perfectly round handles with slick coatings and no rubberized grips can be slippery and difficult to manipulate. Ergonomic designs that look more like something that fits into your hand, with tapered centers, rubberized padding and/or divots for your thumb, are likely to allow for a greater amount of control and steadier grip. This is largely a matter of personal preference, though. People with smaller hands may prefer a thinner grip.

Attachments: Attachments in different widths and shapes add a lot of versatility to clippers, allowing you to use them on different parts of your body or for greater precision in shaping your hair. The exact attachments that come with your chosen trimmer or clipper product determine what you can do with it. For example, clippers that come with nose hair and angled beard comb attachments are helpful for a much greater range of uses than a model that comes with a few different comb lengths in the same shape and size. More attachments aren't necessarily better if you only plan to use a trimmer or clippers for one job, so think carefully about how you’ll use it now and what potential uses you might need it for in the future.

Accessories: Some trimmers and clippers come with accessories such as cleaning brushes, hair combs, scissors, storage pouches and blade lubricant, while others are sold as standalone products with no additional accessories or attachments. If you intend on using your trimmer or clippers to perform a variety of different grooming tasks, from haircuts to facial hair trimming, you'll appreciate the ability to use the various accessories included in some of the larger sets. Storage pouches or cases can make it easier to use these tools on the go, which is a relevant concern for professional stylists and others who often travel or amateurs who act as the designated barber in their friend group.