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Snow Blowers Buying Guide

It s that time of the year when you d rather spend your time warm and cozy inside than shoveling snow from your driveway or sidewalk. The right snow blower will help you clear your driveway in no time with minimum effort. Here s what you need to know to find the right slow blower.

Types of Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are categorized into single-stage electric, single-stage gas and two-stage.

Single-Stage Electric

Single-stage electric snow blowers have an auger that directs and throws snow away through a chute. They are compact, extremely lightweight and are suitable for small driveways or pathways. They use electricity to run and don t need much maintenance, apart from occasional cleaning and greasing. Single-stage electric snow blowers are suitable for clearing soft and fluffy snow that is up to eight inches deep. These snow blowers are not ideal for gravel pathways the auger may scoop up and throw away gravel along with snow. In addition, movement is slightly restricted because of the attached cord. To move around more easily, consider a cordless model that uses a rechargeable battery pack.

Single-Stage Gas

Single-stage gas snow blowers are ideal for mid-sized driveways. They are equipped with an electric starter and since they don t have power cords, they are easy to maneuver and move over longer pathways. Gas snow blowers require frequent oil change and refueling. However, with wider augers and greater intake height, they do a quicker job. Being the single-stage type, the drawback is the same as single-stage electric snow blowers they are not suitable for uneven pathways covered with stones and gravel.

Two-Stage Gas

Two-stage gas snow blowers feature an auger and impeller that work together to scoop up snow and expel it through a discharge chute at a high speed. Since the auger doesn t make direct contact with the surface, two-stage snow blowers work well on gravel pathways. The engine and other large components make two-stage gas snow blowers bulkier than single-stage blowers, and they also require more storage space. Two-stage gas snow blowers are a good choice if you live somewhere that gets frequent heavy snowfall.

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