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Reel Lawn Mowers

They may look just like your grandpa's old mower, but reel lawn mowers, also known as manual lawn mowers or push reel mowers, remain useful contraptions that offer a number of advantages compared to electric and gas-powered mowers. First, they're relatively affordable thanks to their simple, yet effective design. They're also better for maintaining your lawn's health. While powered mowers chop and tear through your grass, reel mowers act like a pair of scissors on wheels, cleanly cutting and manicuring your lawn. Shredded lawns are more susceptible to disease and insect attacks, while cleanly cut lawns heal faster. Not to mention, lawns cut with a reel mower look wonderfully even; in fact, reel mowers are used to maintain the grass at professional baseball stadiums and golf courses.

Due to their relatively simple construction, reel mowers are easier to maintain than electric or gas-powered mowers. You don't have to yank a starter cord or maintain an engine; all you have to do is sharpen the blades every now and then. Unlike gas-powered mowers, reel mowers don't emit any pollution, making them an environmentally-friendly choice for maintaining your lawn. They're also quiet, so instead of hearing the annoyingly loud rumble of a two-stroke engine, all you hear is the gentle snip-snip of cut grass. offers a variety of reel lawn mowers to suit your needs and your budget, including models with mulch decks, grass catchers and adjustable height adjustments, so you can trim your lawn to the perfect length.