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Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Keep the outside of your house bright with the help of outdoor lighting accessories. Whether you're looking to replace a few bulbs or set up some new landscaping lights, you'll find a wide variety of outdoor lighting accessories at

What kind of light bulb should I buy?

The type of outdoor light bulb you buy can affect the atmosphere and mood of your space. If you're looking for bulbs for safety lights, consider purchasing lights with a higher wattage or lumen output. Newer energy-saving and LED light bulbs use less power and give off a brighter light, so higher watts may not necessarily mean a brighter bulb. When choosing an energy-saving or LED light bulb, look at the lumen rating to determine the brightness. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the bulb. Different shapes of light bulbs spread light in different ways. A round bulb, also called a globe or golf bulb, spreads light evenly in all directions, making them perfect for porch lights or ceiling fans. On the other hand, spot bulbs or floodlights focus light in one area just like a spotlight and are best suited for high-mounted safety lights.

What other accessories do I need for setting up my outdoor lights?

If you have purchased a traditional plug-in lamp, make sure that you have all the cords and outlets needed to power your new lights. If you're looking to save energy, consider buying a timer to limit the amount of time your outdoor lights are on. Remote-controlled outlets are also great for turning on or off your outdoor lights from the convenience of inside your home.